I  recently watched a Hindi movie “English Vinglish”. It touched upon the subtle but important topic of self-esteem. To live happily, self-worth is as important to us as food or may be even more. Not surprising we have a Maslow’s pyramid of self-esteem much like the familiar food pyramid.

A person with deep-rooted self-confidence is unlikely to get worried or scared to make mistakes.When you are learning to drive the car, and for the first time go on a highway, it can be a tough test. You do feel relief and pride when you have successfully driven through and come back home, safely.

No matter how this attitude is portrayed in words, words never do justice.  It is similar to letting yourself go in the deep waters and believing you can float. It is felt when going down the steep slope in on a snowboard and trusting you can balance yourself at that speed and get to the bottom of the slope on your two feet.

You have a reason to exist and that is not based upon any external condition. Whatever the rules of society, no rule, however old and useful,  has the right to make you feel worthless. When it is you against the world, take your side. It is okay to feel for yourself and give yourself the freedom to be happy.  Our body and mind are physical entity we also need to take care of.Take care of yourself as if you were your friend. Feel for your friend with a greater perspective and guide them in the right direction. If you are not feeling comfortable doing something, the result does not benefit anyone. If you can care for others because it makes you happy then it is surely worthy.

Our true self is not our body or mind.  It may feel like we are nothing when stripped off them. However, that very feeling of submission is significant. When you let God take over the reigns then you are part of everything. Trust self..

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