Science and Spirituality

I read the biography of Isaac Newton and Michael Faraday, two great scientists of all times. There were lots of differences between their approach to science. Newton was very good in math and often spend time in deducing his theories through mathematical equations. On the other hand, Faraday spent a lot of time proving his theories through experimentation and observation of results. He did not use mathematics as a vehicle to lead him to various conclusions. Faraday, himself admitted that math was his weak point.

As a man one was more of an introvert than the other. Newton had very little friends. Faraday had many friends with whom he communicated regularly. Newton never married but Faraday got married.

The common thread that saw them reach great heights of success was their deep trust in God. Albert Einstein also believed in God, even though a more personal one than in deities. This seems a little odd in this day and age as the more scientifically oriented , educated people these days question the existence of God. The great scientist of our age Stephen Hawking has declared that God did not create the universe. Even though many scientists have discovered lots of new theories, the discoveries of Newton and Faraday were ground breaking and have brought in tremendous change in our lives and are truly great milestones if greatness and change are related.

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