The “What if” regret

When I was a kid, I took pride in devising short cut ways for me to get to my goals. But being a kid I was more interested in the short cut than my goal. As it often would happen that my short cut would just fall short of getting me to my goal. Then I would regret taking the short cut. I would wonder what if I had put in more effort. May be then I would have reached my goal. As the goal remained illusive, my regrets became very painful to me. I just did not want to live with the idea that I am preventing myself the joy of reaching the goal just because I did not choose the more tedious way that needed more effort on my part. I had just had enough of that terrible feeling of missing it by a hair.

I changed my stance and decided that I will put in any and every effort that is possible for me to put in and not try to be a smarty pant. I often found that goals were sometimes met and sometimes not. The big difference was in how I felt about the result. I did not feel any regrets because I simply had none on my part. I had done everything humanly possible by me  and the result was the final outcome. Instead of making me look less it actually made me feel more responsible . I could now find at least a lesson if everything else had failed. It really made me more happier and that has been my path ever since.

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