Beautiful Bengali Song Translated

Jhinga phooler shanjhete, peye pother manjhete X2

kada dili , tu kene kada dili sada kapore

tu kene kada dili , tu kene kada dili sada kapore.

Dressed up with yellow jhinga flowers in my hair, you found me in the middle of the village road and slung mud on my white sari.

Why did you sling mud on my white sari?

Ekhon hamar hobe ki, gaiyer loke kobe ki X2

Bini dose phelli fapore..

kada dili , tu kene….

What will happen to me now ? 

What will the people of the village say about me ?

You trapped me without any fault of my own.

Why did you sling mud on my white sari ?

Mukh muchchey tui ghor jabi ore siana X2

Ami kutha kada dhubo dekhinite na o tu dekhinite na

Kolsi dori golaye bendhey, abar kolsi dori golaye bendhey

morbo dubey kon pukurey

Kada dili, tu kene …

You will wipe your face and go home , sly one. You will not look to see where I can clean the mud, which pond I drown in with the rope of the water pitcher around my neck.

Why did you sling mud on my white sari ?

Mathar upor dhammo achhey ore siana X2

lukin kotha porandarey kuye de na o tu kuye de na

tuke liye jabo ami X2

ghuchey jabey hamar saram re

kada dili , tu kene …

O sly one know that above all is (“Dhammo” ) God.

Why don’t you say the secret to your heart ?  If I go with you then I have no need to be ashamed. Why did you sling mud on my white sari ?

When I heard the song for the first time, most of it escaped me. The only thing I heard was the question “Why did you sling mud on my white sari ?” and the part about drowning in a pond. The two things did not add up, so I got curious. The next day I found the song on youtube and heard it carefully several times. When I understood the story, I started to cry, feeling for the  pretty virgin village girl and her poor plight. That night, I discussed the topic of exploitation of tribal women in our country with my husband. With a heavy heart, I went to bed. Early in the morning, just like the caress of a lover, the true meaning was revealed to me. This is not just a song. It tells a special story , a parable, as “the finger points to the moon “. And I understood that truly there is no need for any concern.

8 thoughts on “Beautiful Bengali Song Translated

  1. same was my situation initially as a child I loved singing this as this has beautiful tune but when I deciphered the lyrics myself as I grew old it hit me so hard that I could not stop thinking about this song n kept singing with heavy heart…. I must say till today this is one of my favourites T_T

  2. Just a few minutes ago while doing some chores, I was humming this song that I’d heard as a child and I realised that it’s not at all about just another passerby slinging mud on my clothes.
    So I looked if someone had done justice to the song and I came by this obscure blog tht doesn’t deserve to be so.
    Truly beautiful. 😊❤️

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