Moods of Nature

Yesterday, instead of the big moon in the sky, we had dark cloud cover. Every minute or so the sky was torn apart by blinding white flashes of lightning. They were beautiful but it was hard to take pictures of. In a split second they were gone….

It rained and hailed in bursts throughout the evening. At one point when we were driving back, it started to hail really hard. On the highway, there were many cars. Their tail-lights stood out in the darkness as the only visible glows amid the haze of incessant pounding of ice balls. The sound was a bit unnerving. Nature surely was angry!!


Note to myself

It happened again… I thought I cannot get it done within the time. It is such a shame. I am incapable in the face of hurdles. Why do I suffer for others actions? It is so unfair.

Why do I suffer ? Why do I allow myself to suffer? Who holds me responsible ? What are these rules I have made for myself? Are they flexible enough to save me the suffering ? Then why not bend?

There is no one to blame. There is no one to answer but yourself. Break the rules that make you suffer. Do not confirm to old traditions. They are old and their shoulders are weary to take this responsibility. Make new rules and thrive. Remember there is nothing to lose.