Is Love Unconditional ?

Is love a state of mind ?
When we feel it, do we start to accept ourselves ?
Is patience the first step towards it? 

Is forgiveness a big part of it too ?
If we stop feeling love, was it ever love ?
If we do not feel love, is life ever worth it ?

Is it something we can feel for only one person ?
If we feel so for one person can we feel this way about others?
Does the intensity of love keep growing over time?

Is it a fatal addiction ?
Are we ready for it ?
Is it the path to obliterate Self?

Does it help us accept ourselves if we receive love ?
Is it always there whether we acknowledge it or not?
Does its realization lead to the ultimate union?

A brave soul

(For Jethu)
The gentle smile that touches the heart
The calm and bliss pervades
In the midst of challenges
The trust and excitement flows on
The big plan is in sight
Little setbacks are but ripples
Flowing over the broad Ganga
With little impact on its course.
Ganga accepts flaws and virtues
and turns them pure with a magic touch
Heading strong to the confluence
To meet the Great one,
The ocean of peace and love.