Ego is walking alone

Fierce monsters will torture it

Ego is walking alone

Beautiful treasures will please it

Ego is walking alone

It will finally meet Love

Ego dissolves in Love

Love is everywhere!!

Answers come in the strangest ways

Today my son was just being a kid , just being funny and testing my patience. I lost my temper and held his shoulders and took him to a chair and asked him to sit down. I could see that he was upset by my behavior.

How can I get across to him that he was crossing the limits of my patience ?

A few minutes later I pulled him aside and tried to explain.
“If you test my love for you again and again, I will fail.
If you believe I love you, it will always be true.”
I asked him if he understood. He nodded and I felt relieved.

a sunrise

Later I was driving to¬†work and was trying to recollect this incident. That’s when it came clearly to me that it was in fact your words…

I have always asked you, “Do you love me?” You have answered. The words were yours and the answer was for me!