The Deep Sea

Last week I was at the beach with my family. It was a bright sunny spring day. It felt good to sit under the umbrella and read. The comfort of the beach chair made me doze off a few times. Suddenly, I heard an unfamiliar voice call my name, “Urmila…Urmila…”¬†I got up and explored around the beach. The voice had come from the direction of the sea. Without thinking further, I took a plunge in the water. It was cool and clear. The air above was fresh and crisp.

Soon, I was swimming in the open sea. I enjoyed throwing my legs in a frog-like motion as my head bobbed in and out of the water. It seemed like the most natural thing to do. Each time I dove in, I could see numerous big and small colorful fish squirming through the waters. The fish presented such a beautiful sight, I wanted to watch them more closely. I tried to hold my breath longer inside the water. The gentle waves flapped all around me as if they cared. I never knew swimming was such fun. ….Read more


A dream

True its not a big deal, nothing fancy
It just puts a smile on your face
Precious like a pearl hiding in a shell
The dream makes all the difference

Difficulty traps you like an eight-armed beast
Do not lose that little dream of yours
Despair will thrash you on the floor
Let go off the pain, grab the dream.

Crooked logic confounds you, stop arguing
Ridiculous goals elude you, quit pursing
This game is tricky to say the least
Loosen up and enjoy your every move

Whatever you do, do not lose that dream
It is a long night, hope is far away
Criticism pricks you like a sharp needle
Don’t be afraid my child, dream away

Because nothing stays the same
No ultimate judgement in concrete
What is there today will melt away
And turn into a picture from your dream

A little crack

It’s all pent up

the tears and the feelings,

all the unfair misdealings.

It needs a vent.


In the dark world

slither the slimy worms,

our countless fears and qualms

It needs a light


On the path of hate

fired by blind revenge

raw wounds festering

Need balm of love