The Deep Sea

Last week I was at the beach with my family. It was a bright sunny spring day. It felt good to sit under the umbrella and read. The comfort of the beach chair made me doze off a few times. Suddenly, I heard an unfamiliar voice call my name, “Urmila…Urmila…” I got up and explored around the beach. The voice had come from the direction of the sea. Without thinking further, I took a plunge in the water. It was cool and clear. The air above was fresh and crisp.

Soon, I was swimming in the open sea. I enjoyed throwing my legs in a frog-like motion as my head bobbed in and out of the water. It seemed like the most natural thing to do. Each time I dove in, I could see numerous big and small colorful fish squirming through the waters. The fish presented such a beautiful sight, I wanted to watch them more closely. I tried to hold my breath longer inside the water. The gentle waves flapped all around me as if they cared. I never knew swimming was such fun. ….Read more

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