It is hilarious but there is such a thing called fear of success. This may even be more problematic that the fear of failure. The deeper fear may be the fear of change. Holding on to our position, we try to create an identity for ourselves. But we are only a part of a greater plan. We change all the time to fit into the big picture. We may think of changing our perspective to explore this whole new world.

2 thoughts on “FEAR OF SUCCESS

  1. Yes the Self is not permanent! There is no Absolute Self. We are ever changing and we do not really know who we are. Our consciousness and our unconsciousness dictates how we act and behave. The most important thing is awareness and mindfulness! sensing our senses, feelings, emotions and letting them integrate in our selves without trying de-alienate them. Y

    YES! having many shades of perspective makes life more cool 😉

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