What is managing ?

Notes to myself:
1. Open minded observation may reveal what clicks with whom. Once you know that, you need to adjust your ways to communicate to the respective individuals. Some may need a very organized list. Some may start with a general conversation. Some may like humor. Some like to be heard. Everyone has different styles.

2. How do you motivate an individual? Some like to be monitored. Some like freedom and ownership. How do you help them see the value in their terms ?

3. How do you communicate that they need to make changes ?

4. How do you set up a bond that makes them comfortable to ask for assistance when needed ?

5. How do you let go after setting up a personal bond ?

6. Last but not the least —- When do you pick a battle ?

Continuing the conversation..

Mental state greatly affects how you see things..
If the way you see things does not seem right or
you are not feeling like yourself,
then time to take care of yourself.

Taking the step you strongly feel, right or wrong,
is a step in the right direction.
Sometimes doing the wrong thing is a lesson in itself.

Rules change over years and generations …
what is wrong may become right and vice versa.
Emotions are easier to relate..
Let us respect our and others emotions.


“We are stressed when we are faced with a problem”.
It is so easy to feel scared about it.
However, the ridiculous part of this is that
we are sacred of the problem because we have not clearly looked at it.
Taking it further we are afraid of our own imagination.

When we look and understand the problem, it looks really different.
It looks more like a scared puppy who is barking because she is afraid of strangers.

What we are afraid of is not out to get us.
Exactly right!…. it looks like a solution.
It most probably showed up to help.

Growing up

Growing up can be intimidating. It was the first year of college, first semester, first chemistry homework.
Our teacher was being nice and gave us an extra day to work on it. Instead on Friday , we could turn it in Sunday morning at her office. I remember the whole act of taking the homework, finding her office and just handing it to her seemed like a tremendously hard task. I felt small that I did not have so many important skills to execute a simple task. Doing the homework was not hard as I knew the theory. But practically hand delivering it was quite an ordeal.

Breaking the silence

Knowing that your parents care why did you want the reassuring words? ..
Why does a hug reinforces your will to carry on even though it changes nothing? ..
So even when it is not necessary you should carry on the conversation.
The useful things are very little. The world abounds in the useless.
Share your useless feelings just because you care to feel.

How do you remove the clutter of thoughts in your mind?

How do you tune yourself to observe the subtlest indications around you ?

How do you carry the conversation with life?

On my drive to work, sunlight fell on my left cheek. I thought,
I was smart to put on sunscreen.
The warmth was enjoyable as was the thought of protection.

The green fields were a wet green, glowing in the morning sun.
They stretched far into the horizon to meet the dark mountain peaks.
As I drove through the road, the tall silver birches had their eyes on me.
When I looked back at them the excitement flowed in the fluttering round green sequins.

The road went up and downhill just as some of the days in our life.
But I am glad I can look up at this new day with hope and strength.