Breaking the silence

Knowing that your parents care why did you want the reassuring words? ..
Why does a hug reinforces your will to carry on even though it changes nothing? ..
So even when it is not necessary you should carry on the conversation.
The useful things are very little. The world abounds in the useless.
Share your useless feelings just because you care to feel.

How do you remove the clutter of thoughts in your mind?

How do you tune yourself to observe the subtlest indications around you ?

How do you carry the conversation with life?

On my drive to work, sunlight fell on my left cheek. I thought,
I was smart to put on sunscreen.
The warmth was enjoyable as was the thought of protection.

The green fields were a wet green, glowing in the morning sun.
They stretched far into the horizon to meet the dark mountain peaks.
As I drove through the road, the tall silver birches had their eyes on me.
When I looked back at them the excitement flowed in the fluttering round green sequins.

The road went up and downhill just as some of the days in our life.
But I am glad I can look up at this new day with hope and strength.

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