Feeling Loved

Yesterday, several people quickly pointed out my mistakes. It shot in like a sharp knife and struck my heart. Some shared their frustrations as if I had something to do with it. When I was sad I focused on some immediate errands and tired myself out.
At night I lay awake in bed. I thought what if no one loves me because I make so many mistakes? I knew that something compassionate still lay in my core that did not care about my shortcomings. That was why I was still living and breathing.
The morning came after darkness and eased some of the pain. I do not know why all these things happen. I will hold on to my hope to find the purpose of my life. I will be alert and acknowledge.
At midday I took a walk and looked at the colorful trees. Some had bright red leaves, some had soft yellow ones. Yet others had a dark shades of red in places with green leaves on the opposite side. They were naturally beautiful. They played in the breeze and greeted me. I was forced to stretch the facial muscles into a smile. They asked me “Happy?” I knew the answer in my heart.

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