Random thoughts

Sometimes there is no one to listen, no one to understand the jumble of thoughts that crowd the mind.
It just hurts inside to keep them pent up. The deep emotions don’t have words. When you try to verbalize it makes no sense to others.
Are you alone, even with everything around you?
“Immanuel Kant said that we cannot possibly see the noumenal world, the true world independent of perceptions. We only see our personal version, our interpretation of a reality that is out there.”
– from http://www.soulsofdistortion.nl/SODA_chapter3.html

The concept of ‘part contains the whole’ is an apparently paradoxical concept which manifests itself in this universe. A conscious mind is able to connect with the material world around it, seamlessly. People can draw energy from the outer world and the feeling of being alone is removed.

2 thoughts on “Random thoughts

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