Thoughts and Reflections

Many thoughts pass by my mind that I want to share. Are you listening my friend ?

The morning started with waking up from a restful sleep. That’s a blessing. I tried reminding myself that nothing is important enough to lose my temper. When small expectations of daily life are elusive, then it is time to slow down and take a deep breath. “Boy, am I taking too much for granted ?” “So what if I have asked my son more than three times, very sweetly to get up? Why am I disappointed if he  isn’t up ?” I took for granted a healthy boy who can get up if he actually wants to. I am lucky! There are boys who are sick and cannot get up today. Did I think of those mothers? How are they managing to be happy and hopeful ? Funny thing was it was just my battle. I just needed to keep my calm and before eight o’clock, my boy was all ready and off to school with his father.

There is a magic in the morning today. I felt it as I was walking to drop off my daughter to school. The round fall leaves of the silver birches danced around in the breeze, creating a dynamic golden filigree that pulsated the joy in my heart as I took in the beauty. Several times I wanted to capture the picture in my phone camera but I stopped. “Feel it and hold the moment in your entire being.” Perhaps a camera does capture that play of lights and colors. Can it capture my true emotions ? I also spotted some trees that lost all their leaves. And yet, there were some “fighters” as I lovingly called them. Only a few red or brown leaves stuck to the bare branches. They fought valiantly to grab on to the thin bare branches as a big wave of chilly wind tried repeatedly to pull them away. Never give up my fighters!!

After dropping her off I started to drive to work. There is a big lake right by the side of the road near my office. From quite a distance I saw the flock of geese on the sky.Preparing to alight on the lake, they were little black dots making changing patterns on the sky, almost like a primitive script on a blue canvas. What messages did they convey ? Where did they come from ? Flying so many miles did they get tired? They were the dogged commuters. Some were leaders and some were followers. Ultimately, they all settled on the little waves of the simmering waters to enjoy the day. Do we enjoy 20151018_080837_HDRour surroundings when we are starving, scared to death, frustrated or sick ? We need money to feed ourselves, take care of health. But does money make us more scared or angry?  Does it make us too busy to enjoy the beauty around us ?