I realized, again today (after several years), that forgiving is what we do for our own benefit. It is real easy to get caught up in pointing out somebody’s fault. It’s so tempting that sometimes you can’t even help it. But every time, that marks the beginning of my fall. I lose my calm, my sense of well being and finally, even feel depressed. It funny how the fault morphs and rolls slowly and surely into my court and I cannot feel so great about myself, anymore.

I was a little surprised that I could do that even to people I know I loved dearly. And even though I might not have uttered a word it somehow gets across to the person that I am judging him or her. And people don’t like being judged. In all honesty, I forget that it is not proper to judge people based on apparent facts along with the assumptions that our mind hastily forms. Sometimes it is hardly enough data to make a judgment on their intrinsic intelligence or their inherent goodness. Time and again, additional facts have proved that most people, if not all, are good and intelligent but their areas of excellence are different.

The world, we live in, is the world we create for ourselves. If we are able to see beauty, intelligence and love around us, we can become a part of it too. Fault-finding and negative-ness originates from our mind, when the latter is not clear, easy and happy. Goodness is omnipresent; we need the eyes to see, the heart to feel it and the brains to understand it. So, no wonder I feel small when I cannot resist the temptation to find some mistake in others. My self esteem in turn plummets and I keep wondering how could I have done better? The answer is simple though hard to execute. ‘Forgive and let go.”

The process of forgiving and letting go is an ineffable personal journey… 

Interestingly, we need to forgive ourselves too.

2 thoughts on “BIG MISTAKE!

  1. Roshmi, yes, forgiveness is for ourselves. But, just by saying we forgive another or oursrlves is not enough. If it’s us an individual involved, we need be kind and understanding to ourselves. It may take a while to acknowledge that we and others are not perfect, but only human. Acceptance, Affection and Alliwance are all a part of the wholesome live we are!

    Take care, girl.

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