The Wait

I know this is absolutely illogical but a human cannot help it.

My heart is filled with love. I have no words to express my longing.

Do not even know why or how I came to love you… but I miss you terribly, my love.

I think about you all day and yet this thirst is never met by any worldly experience.

I could clearly relate to this bhajan (devotional song) and understand Meera and her love for the Supreme.

Piya itni binati suno mori 
Suno mori mori
Piya itni binati suno mori...
Aur nahi raas batiya karata ho
Humse rahen Chitchori
Tuma bina mere aur na koi
Mein sharanagata tori..tori
Iti binati suno mori..

Awaan kahen gaye aajhun na awaye
Dibas rahen gayei thori
..dibas rahe gayei thori
Meera ke prabhu kabar milo gein
Araz karu kargori ..karjori
Araz karu kargori
Piya itni binati suno mori...

“My dearest please honor my earnest entreaty.. my prayer
I do not hear your sweet emotional words anymore
You, the one who stole my heart, are away from me
Without you, I have no one else
I surrender to you with all my faith and devotion

You promised you will come 
So I am waiting for you even now
The sun is on the horizon and the day is about to be done..”
Meera is beseeching her Lord to know when she can meet Him
Her hands are joined together in obeisance

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