A beautiful love song by Durga Sen

I and my friend from my college had gone out to eat Chinese food along with our family members. At the end of our meal, I found an interesting message in my fortune cookie. It said, “that special someone loves to see the light in your eyes.” It catapulted me get into a romantic mood. After dinner, we all took a walk in the Pearl Street Mall. All in all, I was excited and simply in a great mood.

When we came back home, I remembered that another friend of mine had requested me to join a social networking site. So I got online and somehow came across these Bengali words “Tumi ashbe bole” ( which translates to “because you will come”) in her collection of favorite videos. I suddenly remembered a song I had heard from my mother long time ago. She had mentioned to me that the music and the lyrics of the song was by Durga Sen, a well known Bengali music director in 1940s. My mother, during her teenage years, had gotten vocal training under from him.

I sat down and tried to remember and was happily surprised that I could remember the whole song. I recollected that I had always found the song very difficult to sing but its lyrics and music were extremely romantic and had always touched my heart. I wondered in my mind, if my mom still remembered the song.

As if I could do telepathy, something magical happened. The phone in the kitchen rang and the call was from my mother. She was just calling to see how I was doing. She was delighted when I sang to her that song. She confessed that she had completely forgotten about it. “No one remembers these songs anymore and the man who wrote it has also passed away long ago,” she observed sadly. However, she was indeed happy that I remembered it and asked me to write it down before we forget it. I thought, I will not only write the Bengali lyrics but also its meaning in English so that my daughter can also understand and perhaps remember this song, someday.


Tumi ashbe bole shara bela duar khule rakhi..tumi ashbe bole.
Pradip hoye jage je tai amar byakul akhi…tumi ashe bole.
Bhromor eshe gaaner chhole, tomar kothai gelo bole,
tai phule phule mor angina-r dhula gechhey dhaki..tumi ashbe bole.
Amar mon bolechhey ashbe tumi go..shyamali shandhaye,
chander alo porbe jakhon rajanidandhaye,
Takhon je mor mono-horon, gaane gaane korbo boron
Tomar hate prem diye mor badhbo ranga rakhi..tumi ashbe bole.

English Meaning:

Because you will come to me , I wait all day with my door open…because you will come to me.
Like candles burning, my impatient eager eyes are awake…because you will come to me.
The bees, under the disguise of their songs, have cleverly communicated your news to me.
Hence, so many flowers have blossomed in my yard and have completely hidden any dust that had existed… all in preparation for your arrival.
My heart says that you will come in the dark beauty of the evening, when the moonlight falls on the lovely white tuberoses.
At that time, (my love,) the one that has stolen my heart, I will welcome you with my song. Expressing all my love, we will create an everlasting bond ….because eventually you will come to me.

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