It was not my destiny (Ghalib in translation)

Yeh na thi hamari kismat ke visaley yaar hota
Agar aur jeetey rehte, yahi intezaar hota

Tere vade par jiye hum, toh yeh jaan, jhoot jana
Ke khushi se mar na jaatey, agar aitbaar hota

Koie mere dil se poochchey tere teere neemkash ko
Yeh khalish kahaan se hoti, jo jigar ke paar hota

Yeh kahaan ki dosti hain ke baney hain dost, naseh
Koi chaarasaaz hota, koi ghamgusaar hota

Huey markey hum jo rusva, huey kyoon na gharke dariya
Na kabhi janaaza utatha, na kahin mazaar hota

--Mirza Ghalib

Literal translation

It was not in my fate that I should meet my lover
If I had continued living, the same anticipation would have existed

That I am living because of your promise, then know this to be untrue
I would not have died so happily, if I had any faith in you

If somebody asks my heart about your half drawn arrow
Where would this prick (or sting) come from, if it (the arrow) had crossed my heart

What kind of friendship is this that my friends have become strangers
Someone would have been healers, someone would be confidantes

Why have I died so notorious, why did I not drown in the river
Never would my funeral (coffin) have been lifted, never would there have been a tomb

-Gautam Nadkarni


Another version

It wasn’t my destiny, else with my beloved I’d have been
Were I to live longer, still waiting for her, I’d have been

That I’ve been living because of you, forget this. This isn’t true
If I had faith in you, dead in happiness long ago I’d have been

Let someone ask my heart about your half-drawn arrow
Had it pierced my heart, no stinging in it would have been

What’s this friendship that my friends have become strangers?
I wish some as healers others as confidantes would have been

I was disgraced on death. Why didn’t I drown myself in a river?
Neither a funeral-procession nor a tomb there would have been

-Ravi Kopra


Is Love  the beginning of the knowledge of separation and the desire for union ?

Putting in own words – poet’s precious thought :

It was not my destiny that I would be united with my beloved
The longing to meet would have been there till my last breath

If I said I lived trusting you would keep your promise, that would be a lie..
If I had complete faith, would I not have died of happiness from such conviction

It was not my destiny that I would be united with my beloved..

If someone had asked my heart about your arrow that now pierces it half-way,
Its only regret is that, had it gone in all the way through,
there would be no pain at all.

It was not my destiny that my existence will not be possible without my beloved

What is this friendship, that friends had to be estranged ?
A true friend is a confidante and a reliever of sorrows.

It was not my destiny that I would be one with my beloved

Why was I dishonored by death ?
I would rather have drowned in a river.
No funeral procession would have taken place
Nowhere would there be a tomb to remember me.

It was not my destiny that my identity will be inseparable from my beloved

-Roshmi Bhaumik

Link to the song Yeh na thi hamari kismat – by Jagjit Singh 

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