Anger analysis

Fists, curses and bad blood are common in a scene of anger. It’s an intense and overwhelming feeling that many of us have experienced.  As with extremely powerful forces there is associated uncontrollable damage.  Before we get caught up in the whirlwind of its influence, how do we trace the trigger ?

Why do we get angry? On the surface there are tons on reasons that could fill and overflow any amount of writing material or use up hours of discussion. The basic cause may be an apparently  innocuous perception.  We may assume a threat and see ourselves as a victim. When this idea crystallizes, it bring in feelings of unfairness, unease and incapacity to cope.  We then set the stage for a powerful recovery to restore propriety.

We may find, later on, that the threat was largely in our mind. But what the mind once spawns off, now takes it own course. Unfortunately, the tremendous energy is not under the control of our rational mind.  It goes beyond setting things right and makes us do wrong things. Regret is a normal aftermath of unleashed anger.

Suppressed anger causes health issues and depression. 

Are there ways to stop anger from growing in the first place ?

The first step is preventative: cultivating an inner contentment and calmer state of mind as recommended by Dalai Lama  -“The Art of Happiness by Dalai Lama and Howard C Cutler”

Observe, Accept and be thankful..

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