Picking me up

When loneliness surrounds me like a dark envelope of smoke, I feel suffocated, scared and lost. You are nowhere around and not even the trust that you care. I feel I am not important to you or to anyone. My vision gets blurred. The ground I walk on turns into quicksand sinking me as I struggle . Why am I trying so hard when nobody cares ?
Why do I sense hatred and rejection ?
Why is my protest nothing but mute tears ?
Do I have any strength and trust ?
All my hopes have crumbled to dust.
How did I build them ? Was it a strong foundation ?
All I have left is a PRAYER. You will come to me one day, showering knowledge and love. The magical balm will heal my wounds and make me whole again. I pray for your company and blessing. Give me the strength and protection. Make it all happen.

Silence and words

This is a big generalization on my part! However, I can’t help feeling that the root of all my troubles lie in my own perception and communication.
When there is a problem, exchange of information is critical. However, it is essential to convey in a manner that is easily received by others.
A brief period of silence helps rationalize with our perceptions. We can also internally organize our thoughts.
It is counter productive to only relate our displeasure or fear. We need to focus on the next actions. Brevity makes the words more effective.

The Story of Fools

In the latter part of 16th century, India was ruled by the Mughal emperor Akbar. Akbar used to consult his worthy advisors in taking administrative and financial decisions. Birbal was one of his most famous advisors known for his wit and wisdom. There are several folk tales about Birbal that we still find very interesting. Here is one such story.

One day, Akbar when addressing his court, observed that his kingdom was blessed with many talented people. He wondered if there were any fools in his kingdom. So he summoned Birbal to take a month’s leave and find the four biggest fools in the city….

On his way home, Birbal saw two friends quarreling near a Kali temple.  He asked them the reason for the dispute. The friends explained that they were going to the temple to pray to Goddess Kali to grant them their wishes. The first guy told his friend that he wished for an ox so that he could plough his field. The second friend said that he would wish for a tiger. He had added that he will let it loose on his friend’s ox. Right after this a fight started between them. Birbal upon hearing everything asked them to come to the Emperor Akbar’s court the following morning.

Akbar was surprised to see Birbal come back so quickly with two men. After hearing their story the Emperor had no doubt that they were the biggest fools in the kingdom. “But ,” he observed, “where are the other two fools?” Birbal smirked. “One of them is you, Jnahapana for asking me to look for fools! And the other is me for finding fools in the kingdom.”

This made all of the people in the court have a good hearty laugh!!