Picking me up

When loneliness surrounds me like a dark envelope of smoke, I feel suffocated, scared and lost. You are nowhere around and not even the trust that you care. I feel I am not important to you or to anyone. My vision gets blurred. The ground I walk on turns into quicksand sinking me as I struggle . Why am I trying so hard when nobody cares ?
Why do I sense hatred and rejection ?
Why is my protest nothing but mute tears ?
Do I have any strength and trust ?
All my hopes have crumbled to dust.
How did I build them ? Was it a strong foundation ?
All I have left is a PRAYER. You will come to me one day, showering knowledge and love. The magical balm will heal my wounds and make me whole again. I pray for your company and blessing. Give me the strength and protection. Make it all happen.

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