My Aunt passed away this month leaving us with her loving memories. She was a beautiful singer. Her bhajan renditions were melodious and full of devotion.

Your memorial is decorated with so many flowers
Who says you are not there
My heart says you still live on.

With pride, your sweet name
will be etched in our memory forever
Discovering your complete identity
after losing you in death
My heart says you still live on.

Your life is like an adventure story
My spirited lady, (you) fulfilled the true oath of love
Just as an incense stick burns itself in prayer
You gave up your life willingly
May I never forget this fact
My heart says you still live on.


Tomar samadhi phule phule dhaka
Ke boley aaj tumi nayi
Tumi achho mon bole tai
Tomari madhur (amor) naam jaya gaurave
smaraneje chirodini jani lekha robe
morone haraye tomare khunje payi
Tumi achho mon bole tai
Tomar jiban jeno kahinir moto
Hey manasi prem chilo satya taba broto.
(Hey bijoyi bir chilo jaya taba broto)
Dhuperi moton jeno moroner sukhe
tomar jibon tumi dile hashi mukhe
E kotha kokhono jeno na bhule jai
Tumi achho mon bole tai


A foreigner, now hardly a stranger
Visited my dorm room today
Stories exchanged made it clear
We connected in more than one way

We want someone who can understand
And also to understand the other
Though she was from a far off land
Goals and emotions were very similar

Our different points of view
We'd shared with mutual respect
Thinking back, my heart knew
Frienship was easy to expect