Pujar Shaaj ( Dressing up for the festival)

Daridra cheler dehe, daridra baper shenhe
chiter jama ti kore alo.

On the poor boy’s thin frame, the gift of his poor father’s love,
The simple cotton shirt reflected the glory of the festival.

Nowadays, festivals are when people buy a lot of expensive shiny clothes, jewelry and toys. There are parties and social get-togethers with elaborate food and drinks.
This has a big impact on the merchandise businesses and even the country’s economy as a whole.

But festivals are in fact not only about indulgence and enjoyment.
It is also the time to celebrate our family ties and to be thankful for what we have.
A wonderful poem by Rabindranath Tagore, “Pujar shaaj” reminds us the true essence of festivals.

Thoughts on Magic

I am sure everyone has seen some form of magic in their lifetime.
Is magic an impossible feat?
Magic appears to have broken all the natural laws. If it was really impossible then why are we discussing it? Magic is very much possible in the real world with real rules.

So what makes magic so extraordinary is probably just a mindset. The magician challenges the core assumptions in our mind. While the mind holds on tightly to these rules, what happens, in reality, seems impossible and amazing….