Love and like

Dear Facebook Friend,

You are busy with important activities and people. I wonder if I even exist for you. The reality is that you exist for me.

When I see your picture I react. Hmm, so these are the people in your life. Did this “natural” pose and bright smile redefine who you are to me? Are you exploring yourself and surprised to find that you look happy? That was the perfect angle that makes you look quite thin too. This is all very lovely indeed!

I observe that certain things make a difference to you. You care about religion, music, cooking and travelling. You have an artistic bent. You are very popular :).

When I read your original hand written posts I can appreciate how cleverly you bring out reactions from the readers. Once a comment turns into a discussion, it’s not important if any conclusion is reached or not. Traffic and activity itself is success. Most of all, people care what you write about.

What is the importance of silence here? Back in the good old days, poets realized that the strongest emotions cannot be put into words. The poor heart wants to say a lot of things but you may not understand. It may want to say that I am really happy for you but lots of people have said that in much better words.

Part of me wants to sit down and have a open discussion with you. We can share all our interactions and mistakes. Can we love each other for who we really are? “If there was more time”, “when there is time”, “when you are online”, “if you reply”….all these are little hurdles that stop nurturing our friendship any further.

Stay beautiful and stay happy.

Best wishes,
Silent Friend

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