Stranger Fear

A divorced lady with a few peers
Went to a bar for chilled beers
Her bladder filled up after two
She walked alone towards the loo

She looked ahead near the door
Something dark upon the floor
Bent down to take a closer look
Under the table, somebody shook

Scared eyes and a pretty face
Dark with terror, in spite of grace
A teen startled, looked above
She felt pity and showered love

“I don’t know your language
I am not even of your age.
I only promise to help you out
Trust me stranger, come on out”

When out came his shining gun
It spoiled all her evening fun
No empathy left for that stranger
A gun spelled nothing but danger

Fear and anger filled her brain
She quickly inflicted him pain
She smashed her bottle of drink
Took her bloody hands to the sink.

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