Nothing more than feelings

“Of all the relationships, friendships are created by our own choice,” observed a friend one day. We all have friends. Some are more special than others. School friends are among those special ones. The bonding that grows in the innocent hearts is deep-rooted. My cousin sister and her best friend have known each other since their elementary school.

Nowadays, we have Facebook “friends” too. The posts are more visible when your friends like them. When my cousin sister liked her friend’s posting, I saw it too. He had posted a picture of Irfan Khan ( the main actor in the movie Life of Pi) and Aishwariya Rai ( an actress and  former Miss World). There was a line on top of the picture. It said “That Awesome Dialogue”. Aishwariya was wearing a formal pant suit, smiling sweetly at Irfan. Irfan was wearing a dark Pathan suit, looking straight ahead. He had a faraway look on his face. Below the picture was a dialogue in Hindi: “Woh Mohabbat Thi Issi Liye Jaane Diya. Agar Zid Hoti To Bahon Mein Hoti.” She was my love that is why I let her go. If it was an obsession, then she would be in my arms.

The words described a lovely emotion. Love is perhaps the most generous human feeling. I immediately clicked the “Share” button. There was another line, hiding at the very bottom of  the picture that I completely missed even when the post appeared on my timeline. In a few mins, my namesake and school friend from first grade “reacted” to the posting. It made me smile. Then she also posted a comment for me. “Which movie is this dialogue from?” she asked. “Oops, why didn’t I see that coming?” I was stumped. Honestly, I didn’t know. “I loved the emotions expressed in those words and so I shared the post,” was my feeble explanation.  There were no further comments on the post at that time.

“I wish I knew which movie dialogue it was.But I don’t have leisure time to watch Hindi movies,” I thought. As a working mother in the US, I am swamped with my daily routine. Family, work and socializing with friends hardly leaves me with any time to relax. Even when we do watch movies as a family, Hindi movies and chick flicks get turned down by other family members.

The chance finally came. One Sunday afternoon at my friend’s house, a few of my friends and their spouses gathered in the family room after lunch. We decided to watch a Hindi movie. Everyone was talking excitedly as if we were kids again. My friend had subscribed to Indian channels through her network provider. We were trying to decide what to watch, flipping through the list of DVR recordings.

One friend suggested, ” Let’s watch this one, Jabaaz.” “It’s not Jabaaz. The name of the movie is Jodgeba. I have watched it” chimed in another friend. We looked at her surprised. We had never heard that word before. I read the letters on the TV screen: “J-A-Z-B-A-A”. Her husband promptly corrected her, “The correct pronunciation is Jazbaa!” “Is it any good? ” I asked her.”I liked it, ” she smiled. “Let’s watch it then,” suggested another friend.

The movie Jazbaa was a suspense thriller! The hero, Yohan, played by Irfan Khan, was an intelligent police officer who stopped at nothing to catch criminals. Not surprisingly, he became a victim of the politics and corruption in the law and order system. He finally got suspended for refusing to take bribes.

Apart from his job, which was his passion, he spent time with his friend  from his school days, Anuradha Verma, played by Aishwariya Rai.

Anuradha was an accomplished lawyer and a single mother. Her marriage broke up when her husband asked her to abort her first unborn girl-child. She decided to raise the girl on her own. The story took an interesting turn when Anuradha’s  daughter, Sanaya, got kidnapped. The plot thickened when we realized that the kidnapper was linked to a murder case. Anuradha was forced to take the case defending a criminal Niyaaz Shaikh charged with rape and murder of a young artist, Sia. The kidnapper’s deal was that Sanaya would be returned if Niyaaz was set free.

Yohan loved his friend and her daughter. He broke all the rules to rescue Sanaya from the revenge-hungry kidnapper.

The last part of the movie kept us on our toes as several surprises sprung up. Luckily, Anuradha’s life could go back to normal. Yohan left his police job and started a restaurant in a remote place. In the last scene of the movie, Anuradha visits Yohan and invites him to come over sometime. When she leaves, Yohan’s kitchen helper asks him “Why did you let her go?”

My heart missed a beat when I heard  “that awesome dialogue” that I had seen on Facebook, three months ago! “Wow! What an answer Yohan!!” I thought. I went back to my Facebook timeline. I almost blinked when I saw the last line, staring at me mockingly this time. It said: “by Irfan Khan in Jazbaa”.


List of meanings of non-English words:

Jazbaa [ Urdu word for emotions]

Jodgeba [ Mispronounced word with unknown meaning]

Jabaaz [Urdu word which means adventurous]

Yohan [ Hebrew word which means God remits]

Anuradha [ Sanskrit word for a bright star]

Sanaya [ Arabic word for dazzling light]

Niyaaz[Arabic word for desire]

Sia [Hebrew word which means helper]

6 thoughts on “Nothing more than feelings

  1. What a crazy yet hilarious story. Although I was captivated,I was slightly confused.
    If you forgot to read the line on the post, couldn’t you have just read the line after you added it to your timeline? And what exactly compelled you and your friends to watch this exact movie?

    • Sometimes it may happen that you love or get into something so much that rest of the things are just overlooked. And later whatever happened was just a coincidence nothing else.

      • Coincidences happen a lot and sometimes very significant coincidences happen. So you may wonder what coincidences really are!!

  2. Sometimes it may happen that you love or get into something so much that rest of the things are just overlooked. And later whatever happened was just a coincidence nothing else.

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