School begins -Violin episode

It was great to see both my kids get up, make their lunch and get ready ahead of time for their first day back to school. My daughter starts middle school. No wonder she was very excited.

She looked up her schedule and saw that today she has orchestra. She looked for her violin and it was not in the usual places. This time Mommy was guilty of misplacing it. She put the viloin in the back seat of my car. “Mommy, drop me off today. I have a ton of school supplies to carry.” “Sure, no problem,” I smiled.

My son decided to walk with his stuff. He had his backpack, violin and folder. There was no room to carry his water bottle. I thought for a bit. The water fountains will have to do the job.

I parked near the curb. If I get inside the school, it is easy to get stuck behind a line of cars. Besides, sometimes they close some of the access ways and make things quite tough. My daughter picked up her school bag, lunch box and water bottle. “Have a great day sweetie!” I loved her sweet and excited smile when she waved back to me.

I  merged back into the traffic and drove through the back roads, enjoying the lovely backdrop of mountains. I reached my office in less than 10 mins. I got my laptop from the backseat of my car and saw the violin sitting in its case smiling mockingly at me. “So you thought you could start your day early ? ”

I sighed. I could go back immediately but decided against it. I walked to my office with my things. I got settled down. Then I thought that the violin cannot stay in the back on the car all day. It will get hot. The instrument will be toast.

I grabbed my keys and drove back to the school. I dropped it at the front desk and mentioned my daughter’s name. “They might not need it today. I ‘ll keep it just in case, ” the lady at teh front desk said. “I guess she can pick it up on her way out,” I added. “Yes, ” she smiled. “I have five others here,” pushing the violin her her desk.

As I left, I had a weird feeling. Are the violins going to get mixed up and go to different students? My daughter did not put her name on hers. Should I go back and take it home? I had a brain freeze. I did not know what to do. Then I took a deep breath and went back to work.

Why do things happen as they do ?



The Sweet Spot

When one walked by this pretty neighborhood in the suburb of Denver, Colorado, it was hard to miss a round black mark on the sidewalk. Many men and women stepped on it during their walk or jog. It got scorched under the hot sun rays. It got wet under rain and snow. The perfect mark, Dot, as he named himself, smiled at everyone and everything.

Dot felt sad one day. He had lost his own spots. It made him pout. He used to have three shiny white spots. Over the years, the dirt on the shoes may have made the white spots, gray. When the sun melted the rubber, maybe the colors blended with each other over time. Who knows what really happened.  After a heavy rain on that June afternoon, Dot looked at his reflection on the leaves of the nearby bush. To his dismay, he could not see his white spots anymore! What if people thought he was plain? His whole world was falling apart.

Dot could not help remember that fateful day when he lost his friend. He used to be Joe’s favorite bouncy ball. Many summers ago, Joe was bouncing him around happily when Dot fell into the fire pit. The fire pit was extremely hot. Joe’s family was having a BBQ party in the backyard. Joe noticed it right away and asked for help. However, it was too late. By the time Joe’s father brought the tongs and tried to pick up Dot, he was all gooey.  Joe cleaned the tongs with a paper towel and kept him near his chair. A sudden wind blew the paper towel to the sidewalk and Dot got stuck there.

He had felt alone that day but he still had his shiny spots. Dot felt lost without his spots. He prayed to be a bouncy ball once again. He could then roll anywhere to look for his spots. Before long, he got kicked by a frustrated man. Dot rolled on the sidewalk at a fast speed. He looked around carefully at the familiar backyards, the patios the trees and bushes. Unfortunately, he could not see his spots anywhere. Finally, he rolled off the sidewalk into a roadside puddle. Barely afloat, in the cold water, he thought he smelled BBQ sauce.

Dot prayed to go back in time when he had played with Joe. Before long he was in the midst of half a dozen boys on a wrought iron table. Dot looked so fine with his shiny white spots. Every boy was reaching forward, trying to get a hold of him. At that moment, Dot felt complete. Happiness filled his heart and tears trickled down his cheeks. He knew he could not stop time but he could always relive it. No matter what happened to him, he would always find his sweet spot!

The Best Food

A few days back my friend on facebook, for shared her delicious aloo paratha story and “recipe”. She inspired me to share my experience of “the most delicious food ever”.
This was about 14 years back. At that time, I had suffered a miscarriage and going a little crazy about trying to be a mom. My husband gave me a precious advice. “Let’s take a break.” We planned a trip to northern India with my parents. We arrived at Delhi by air. Next few days we visited the tourist spots in Delhi. We also took a rental car and drove to Agra to see the beautiful Taj Mahal and Fatehpur sikri. Our next stop was Hardwar. Early in the morning, we took the Shatabdi express towards Dehradun. It was a relatively comfortable few hours journey. We reached Hardwar at around noon. After lugging our baggage to a suitable taxi, we “anaris” took a while to find our humble “hotel”.
Needless to say, we were very hungry. We went for what was readily available.

We unpacked and changed a few minutes before the steaming hot baturas  and chana came in medium sized stainless steel plates, directly to our room. We were earlier chatting about our trip so far. As soon as the food arrived hush fell upon the room. We dived upon the plates like a group of hyenas and experienced the most delicious food I have ever tasted. It was a few minutes before we even acknowledged how good it tasted.