The Sweet Spot

When one walked by this pretty neighborhood in the suburb of Denver, Colorado, it was hard to miss a round black mark on the sidewalk. Many men and women stepped on it during their walk or jog. It got scorched under the hot sun rays. It got wet under rain and snow. The perfect mark, Dot, as he named himself, smiled at everyone and everything.

Dot felt sad one day. He had lost his own spots. It made him pout. He used to have three shiny white spots. Over the years, the dirt on the shoes may have made the white spots, gray. When the sun melted the rubber, maybe the colors blended with each other over time. Who knows what really happened.  After a heavy rain on that June afternoon, Dot looked at his reflection on the leaves of the nearby bush. To his dismay, he could not see his white spots anymore! What if people thought he was plain? His whole world was falling apart.

Dot could not help remember that fateful day when he lost his friend. He used to be Joe’s favorite bouncy ball. Many summers ago, Joe was bouncing him around happily when Dot fell into the fire pit. The fire pit was extremely hot. Joe’s family was having a BBQ party in the backyard. Joe noticed it right away and asked for help. However, it was too late. By the time Joe’s father brought the tongs and tried to pick up Dot, he was all gooey.  Joe cleaned the tongs with a paper towel and kept him near his chair. A sudden wind blew the paper towel to the sidewalk and Dot got stuck there.

He had felt alone that day but he still had his shiny spots. Dot felt lost without his spots. He prayed to be a bouncy ball once again. He could then roll anywhere to look for his spots. Before long, he got kicked by a frustrated man. Dot rolled on the sidewalk at a fast speed. He looked around carefully at the familiar backyards, the patios the trees and bushes. Unfortunately, he could not see his spots anywhere. Finally, he rolled off the sidewalk into a roadside puddle. Barely afloat, in the cold water, he thought he smelled BBQ sauce.

Dot prayed to go back in time when he had played with Joe. Before long he was in the midst of half a dozen boys on a wrought iron table. Dot looked so fine with his shiny white spots. Every boy was reaching forward, trying to get a hold of him. At that moment, Dot felt complete. Happiness filled his heart and tears trickled down his cheeks. He knew he could not stop time but he could always relive it. No matter what happened to him, he would always find his sweet spot!

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