School begins -Violin episode

It was great to see both my kids get up, make their lunch and get ready ahead of time for their first day back to school. My daughter starts middle school. No wonder she was very excited.

She looked up her schedule and saw that today she has orchestra. She looked for her violin and it was not in the usual places. This time Mommy was guilty of misplacing it. She put the viloin in the back seat of my car. “Mommy, drop me off today. I have a ton of school supplies to carry.” “Sure, no problem,” I smiled.

My son decided to walk with his stuff. He had his backpack, violin and folder. There was no room to carry his water bottle. I thought for a bit. The water fountains will have to do the job.

I parked near the curb. If I get inside the school, it is easy to get stuck behind a line of cars. Besides, sometimes they close some of the access ways and make things quite tough. My daughter picked up her school bag, lunch box and water bottle. “Have a great day sweetie!” I loved her sweet and excited smile when she waved back to me.

I  merged back into the traffic and drove through the back roads, enjoying the lovely backdrop of mountains. I reached my office in less than 10 mins. I got my laptop from the backseat of my car and saw the violin sitting in its case smiling mockingly at me. “So you thought you could start your day early ? ”

I sighed. I could go back immediately but decided against it. I walked to my office with my things. I got settled down. Then I thought that the violin cannot stay in the back on the car all day. It will get hot. The instrument will be toast.

I grabbed my keys and drove back to the school. I dropped it at the front desk and mentioned my daughter’s name. “They might not need it today. I ‘ll keep it just in case, ” the lady at teh front desk said. “I guess she can pick it up on her way out,” I added. “Yes, ” she smiled. “I have five others here,” pushing the violin her her desk.

As I left, I had a weird feeling. Are the violins going to get mixed up and go to different students? My daughter did not put her name on hers. Should I go back and take it home? I had a brain freeze. I did not know what to do. Then I took a deep breath and went back to work.

Why do things happen as they do ?



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