Himalayan Griffon

If you mentioned to me
Looks can be deceiving
I will readily agree
Knowing, it’s confusing!

Circling the azure sky
Large majestic being
Gently soaring high
Draped to be a king

Thought it was an eagle
Carrying my dreams away
It looked simply regal
On that cold bright day

Spreading its wide wings
Flew a Himalayan griffon
Gliding past snowy hills
Claiming spotted carrion

Isn’t it gruesome, or is it?
No bloody kill, no attacking!
Respecting a departed spirit
Calmly awaiting its feeding

No need to preen its head
Bald bearded pale-blue face
Cleaning flesh that’s dead
Patience wisdom of old age

Other’s poison is its food
True model of conservation
Even though misunderstood
Preserving our generation!




বেপরোয়া পাখি ঈগল
উদাসী মন করে পাগল
সীমাহীন দিগন্তে মেলে পাখা
ঠিক যেন নীল পটে আঁকা
দুর্জয় আশার উজ্জ্বল ছবি
তুমিই স্বাধীন তুমিই সুখী