Himalayan Griffon

If you mentioned to me
Looks can be deceiving
I will readily agree
Knowing, it’s confusing!

Circling the azure sky
Large majestic being
Gently soaring high
Draped to be a king

Thought it was an eagle
Carrying my dreams away
It looked simply regal
On that cold bright day

Spreading its wide wings
Flew a Himalayan griffon
Gliding past snowy hills
Claiming spotted carrion

Isn’t it gruesome, or is it?
No bloody kill, no attacking!
Respecting a departed spirit
Calmly awaiting its feeding

No need to preen its head
Bald bearded pale-blue face
Cleaning flesh that’s dead
Patience wisdom of old age

Other’s poison is its food
True model of conservation
Even though misunderstood
Preserving our generation!


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