Aanewala Pal (Translated) : Gulzar, R D Burman and Kishore

Resounding voice of Kishore Kumar,
Melodious music by R.D Burman,
Unparalleled lyrics by Gulzar, together created magic, as it unfolded the true philosophy of life…

Hmmmm Hmmm Aa ha Ha Ha Hey Hey Hey
Hmmmm Hmmmm hnu hnu hoo

Aanewala Pal Jaanewala Hai (2)
Ho Sake To Iss Mein Zindagi Bitaado
Pal Jo Yeh Jaanewala hai
Aanewala Pal Jaanewala Hai..

The moment, that is coming, is about to go away.
If possible, live your life in this moment,
As this moment will go away.

Ek Baar Yoon Mili Maasoom Si Kali (2)
Ho Khilte Hue Kahaan khushbash Mein Chali
Dekha To Yahin Hai Dhundha To Nahin Hai
Pal Jo Yeh Jaanewala Hai Ho Ho

Once, just by chance, I met an innocent flower.
While blooming, it said to me, “Stay happy, I am taking your leave”.
I saw it here, I did not go looking for it,
As I knew this moment would go away.

Aanewala Pal Jaanewala Hai…

Ek Baar Waqt Se Lamha Gira Kahin (2)
Wahaan Dastan Mili Lamha Kahin Nahin
Thoda Sa Hasaake Thoda Sa Rulaake
Pal Ye Bhi Jaanewala Hai Ho Ho

Once, out of the timeline, a moment fell into my recollection.
There I found the story, but could not capture the moment.
After making one laugh a little and cry a little,
This very moment will also go away.

Aanewala Pal Jaanewala Hai….

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