This is borrowed from the teachings of Anandamayee Ma.

Just like the seed is the proof of the tree inherent in it and the full grown tree the proof of the seed….

So is the relationship between jivatma, the soul and paramatma, the Super soul.

প্রকৃত বন্ধু


দীঘির জল করে টলমল
গাছের পাতায় বৃষ্টিবিন্দু
ডাগর চোখ অশ্রু-ছলছল
সমুখে নীল করুণাসিন্ধু


আকুল-মন দ্রুত পদক্ষেপ
স্মৃতিভরা বাক্যবাণের বর্ষণ
নিবিড় ছায়ার নরম প্রলেপ
মৃদু বাতাসে স্নেহের স্পর্শন


মনের ভার করে উজাড়
মিষ্টি সুরে গান শোনায়
দীঘি শুনে তার হাহাকার
নতুন আশায় প্রাণ ভরায়


অপূর্ণ বিন্দুতে পূর্ণ সিন্ধু
দীনদুঃখীর পরম আশ্রয়
চরণে নত, প্রণাম করিনু
প্রকৃত বন্ধু, হে করুণাময় ||


New Hope

Everyone, who has lived long enough, has had a frustrating day!

After many happy days, this one made me touch new depths of anger and desperation. It certainly would have been cathartic to let out some of those terrible feelings out in the open.

Thankfully, that is not what I will be sharing here. 20170501_175917

I was surprised at the healing power of a little sunshine, water, and natural beauty.


For many months, when I walked around the East lake, I had felt sad, as it had completely dried up. It looked like a big muddy crater. The West lake had water, but the level was going down every week. I was giving up hope.


I thought I would never see these lakes brimming with water, as some of the pictures my husband had shown me, almost a year ago.


Today, in the midst of hopelessness, when I went outside to clear my mind, a sweet, moist message of hope came before my eyes.


I understood that “everything will be good at the end”. It’s the wait that sometimes almost kills me.


I could not help filling my heart with beauty and gratitude. The negative feelings disappeared, stealthily, into thin air.