It’s one of those days. Everything is beautiful outside. Your are suprised, that your external appearance belies the turmoil of emotions in you. Your heart is crying and bleeding and yet there is no sign of it in the smile that your put on your face.

You look at the road ahead of you. You suddenly notice it extending far ahead. It winds in directions you would not have known unless you saw the car going on it. It seems so far away, and yet it is there.  It made you aware of it’s presence, subtly and surely.  And when it did, it hit you like a ton of bricks.

It is not the obvious that brings tears to your eyes, it is the swift subtle play of thoughts that come from nowhere and catches you off-guard. You know that someone understands. That someone communicates with you in silent words.

You wonder it you ever earned it ? Probably not. It’s just one of those freebies.

The best things in life are free!!


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