Inner Battle

Please for once do not judge --
Have you never felt confused?
Tortured with an inner grudge,
Shattered, beaten and bruised?
Yes, I am that perfect fool!
Clinging to my fragile world
Grabbing for any broken tool
My dreamboat sails, unfurled
In my fight against the storm
I am battered but breathing
Questioning the accepted norm,
When an easy path lies waiting.
Laying my cards on the table
Though realizing, I will die.
My values are non-negotiable,
Lift the chin, head held high.
Ignoring the burn open wound
Inhaling air gulp to revive
An escape plan when marooned
Into the scary depths, I dive.
Tiring struggle with fear demon
Dolphin presented as a shark
Biting off clothes reduce burden
World to my eyes became dark
Finally surfaced, with nothing left 
Not even a last shred of strife 
Carried by kind ocean, fully bereft 
Yet contented, cherished sunrise

2 thoughts on “Inner Battle

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