I am just going to let me emotions go wild…

It is special bond that we have with our grandparents. When I remeber the loving moments shared and the enchanting stories they had related, it still makes my heart dance with joy. My grand mother often told me stories of the big house in Akhalia where my grandfather and his elder brother’s family stayed together long long ago.

They had a cowshed that had a glass basin draining the cow urine to fertilize the cauliflower patches in the huge vegetable garden, adjacent to the house. Several dozen servents worked at the house, which was built on 25 acres of land.

A few miles from their house, was situated a furniture factory called “Joytara Woodworks” that they owned. There was story of an enchanting boat ride on a moonlit night from the wood factory to their house over a canal from one of the tributaries of the Surma River.

Growing up in Kolkata, when I heard these stories, I was transported to a land of magic. I often wondered what is actually looks like today.

Last month, when a friend asked me where my paternal home was, I was not able to provide a concrete location of this magical place in the map. It bothered me so much that I decided to search out my roots.

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