Puranjana -II

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King Puranjana married the beautiful woman and decided to live in Bhovagati (the city of Enjoyment) for a long time. The city had nine gates: five gates in the east, two gates in the west, one on the north and one on the south side. Each gate served a special purpose of sense gratification.
The two east-facing gates, Skylight and Forward-looking, were used to visit the city of Colorful Form. The king was accompanied by his friend Light. Through the other two gates named Nostril, King went to the city of Fragrance with his friend Olfaction.
The fifth gate situated on the eastern side was named Chief. Through this gate, with his friends, Taste, and Elocution, he used to tour the cities Refreshments and  Speech.
Through the southern gate Worldly and the northern gate Heavenly, King Purañjana used to visit the cities named Low-knowledge and High- knowledge, accompanied by his friend Hearing.

One of the western gates was named Genital. This gate took the King and his friend Intoxication to the city of Fornication. The other gate was known as Anus. Purañjana used to go through this gate to the place known as Nether, accompanied by his friend Peristalsis.

Although King Purañjana was the ruler of the city with many inhabitants, he, unfortunately, associated with two blind men named Hands and Feet while performing various activities. Sometimes he used to go to his private home with one of his chief servants, Intellect. At that time, illusion, satisfaction, and happiness came to him from his wife and family. Being thus entangled in different types of mental concoction and engaged in fruitive activities, King Purañjana was completely under the control of material intelligence.
He used to fulfill all the desires of his wife, the Queen.
When the Queen drank liquor, King Purañjana also engaged in drinking.
When the Queen dined, he used to dine with her. When she chewed,
King chewed along with her. When the Queen sang, he also sang.
He cried when his Queen cried and laughed when she laughed.
When the Queen quipped, he did the same. When the Queen walked, the King walked
right behind her. When the Queen stood still, the King would do the same.

When the Queen saw something, the King would also look at it. When she smelt a flower, the King would follow her to smell it. When she touched it, he would also feel its touch. In this way, King Purañjana was captivated by the Queen’s beauty. Indeed, he remained under her control, just like a pet animal that dances according to the order
of its master.


Thoughts of today


  • It is a good day – I woke up breathing
  • The right way to hydrate – eat food with at least 70% water content
  • Moon phases, tides and effect on animals and humans who are largely water
  • Earth is self healing. May be humans should leave it alone
  • A new story published https://www.thedailystar.net/literature/the-greatest-gift-1604863