Spinach Quiche


1 cup wholemilk

4 duck eggs

Gruyère Grated -4oz

Chopped Spinach – 5 oz

Mushroom – 5 big

1 onion – chopped

1 garlic – mashed

Grilled Chicken – cubed ( 2 handfuls)

Pie crust (optional) 9 inch

Oil /butter – 1 tbsp

Black pepper – 1/2 teaspoon

Salt to taste


In a pan, heat the oil. Add onions and garlic and sautee . Add the mushroom, spinach, chicken. Cook covered. In the end mash the mixture into small pieces. Add ground pepper and salt to taste.

Preheat oven to 375 °F .

In a bowl beat the eggs. add milk and continue mixing. Add half of the cooked spinach mixture. Add all the grated cheese. Pour into the pie crust.

Put the preparation in the oven for 30 mins and check if further time is need to cook fully.

Arabian Knight

Heart beating with rhythm of hooves
Strikes road kicking dusty cloud
Silent darkness, swift shadow moves
Cape flutter determined 'n proud

Desires burn separate hearts
Flaming torch guide rough terrain
Moments leave piercing darts
Pining souls wait to unite again

Their young love is forbidden
Their families are at war
Horse tethered to tree hidden
Her lover arrives from afar

Smiles at his whistle familiar
Curved moon lovely and bright
Their escape path is now clear
Damsel with her Arabian knight

Song in Megh Raag

Film: Chasm-e-Buddoor

Singers: Yesudas & Haimanti Shukla

Kahaan se aaye badraa ho
ghultaa jaaye kajraa

कहाँ से आए बदरा हो
घुलता जाए कजरा

Where did the rain come from suddenly? My kajal ( eye makeup) is getting dissolved in it.

Palakon Ke Satrangi Deepak
Ban Baithe Aansu Ki Jhalar
Moti Ka Anmolak Hira Mitti Me Jaa Phisla
Kahaan Se Aaye Badra ho

पलकों के सतरंगे दीपक
बन बैठे आँसू की झालर
मोती का अनमोलक हीरा
मिट्टी में जा फिसला
कहाँ से आए बदरा हो

The colorful light of the eyelashes have now become a beaded curtain of tears. A precious diamond from those beads has slipped into the mud.

neend piyaa ke sang sidhaari
sapnon ki sookhi phulwaari
amrit hothon tak aate hi
kaise vishh mein badlaa
kahaan se aaye badraa ho

नींद पिया के संग सिधारी
सपनों की सूखी फुलवारी
अमृत होठों तक आते ही
कैसे विष में बदला
कहाँ से आए बदरा हो

My sleep is now residing with my loved one. My dreams are now like a withered garland. As soon as the nectar touched my lips, how did it turn into poison?

Pa ma Pa ma Pa ma Pa ma
प म प म प म प म
ma Re ma Re ma Re ma Re
मा रे मा रे मा रे मा रे
Pa ma Pa ma Pa ma Pa ma
प म प म प म प म
ma Re ma Re ma Re ma Re
मा रे मा रे मा रे मा रे

utre megh hiya par chaaye
nirday jhonke agan badhaaye
barse hain ankhon se saawan
roye, man hai paglaa
kahaan se aaye… badra

उतरे मेघ हिया पर छाये
निर्दय झोंके अगन बढ़ाये
बरसे हैं आंखोसे सावन
रोए, मन है पगला
कहाँ से आए …..बदरा

The clouds have cast a shadow over my heart. The heartless wind has intensified the fire. Rain is falling down from my eyes. My foolish heart is crying.

ma Pa ni Sa ni
ma Pa Sa ni Pa
Re ma ni Pa ma
Pa Re ma Re Sa
Re ma Pa ni Sa
Re ma Pa ni Sa
Re ma Pa ni Sa


A beautiful girl is lying in bed in a breezy room. Her curly hair falls over her face. Her eyes with dark lashes are closed. She is enjoying peaceful slumber.

From the current time the scene morphs to a time in the past. The girl is the same person in a previous life. Her clothes have changed to what she used to wear thousand years back. She is wearing a white flowing gown with a gold-chain around her waist. Her hands are bare. Her fingers are shapely like an artist’s.

She sits up and rubs her eyes. She is smiling. Light is streaming into the room. The walls are made of pieces of mirrors, reflecting in different angles making it look like crystal surfaces. The girl is standing up and looking at a group of people, who have entered the room. The people are bowing down to the girl. They are paying respect to their kind leader.

Suddenly, the feathered wings on her back flare out on both sides. The happy girl flaps them gently. She rises above the ground. The roof opens up, revealing a clear blue sky. The wings flap gently and propel her upward. The crowd wave at her. Their faces are content. The girl is high above ground and leaves the room through the opening in the roof.

Floating with the clouds, she looks down at the bushes and trees below. The animals in the forest are looking up at her too. Colorful birds are cooing and greeting her. All the inhabitants of this land love her.

From the northwest corner of the sky, an angel approaches her. He is the messenger of the Lord. He has a gift for her. It is a crystal conch. The girl takes the crystal in her hand and brings it near her heart. She feels a strong wave of love sweeping her into a magical world.

She is transported to a different dimension where she can see within her body. She can visualize all the blood vessels that are carrying blood to each cell. She is able to heal any pain in her body. She sees the crystal conch dissolving through her hands. The blood vessels carry the fine pieces of gem to her heart. The gem is reconstructed inside her heart. It glows and acts as a source of tremendous positive vibrations that heal the whole world.

Bengali Machher Jhol- Catfish/Magur


  • Catfish – cut into medium sized pieces.
  • Turmeric powder
  • Garlic 1 clove – minced
  • Ginger – 1/2 inch piece
  • Tomato – 1 small + 2 big microwaved
  • Red onion – 1 big microwaved.
  • Shallot – as above
  • Fenugreek seeds- tsp
  • Bay leaf – 2
  • Dry red chillis
  • Cumin powder
  • Coriander paste
  • Potatoes cut as long wedges
  • Garam masala – dry fried and ground into powder
  • Cooking oil of your choice
  • Salt to taste
Ready to eat with steamed white rice.

Add turmeric powder and salt to the washed / thawed catfish pieces. Place in a baking dish smeared with cooking oil. Bake in convention oven at 275 degree F for half an hour.

Pour whole masalas in the hot cooking oil in a frying pan. After frying pick them up. Add minced mixture of garlic ginger and tomato in the pan and let it fry. Blend onion and shallot in mixer/ magic bullet. Add the blended mixture. Fry till onions are done and oil separates.

Add salt, cumin powder and coriander paste. Blend the big tomatoes and add to the pan. Cook well.

Add the baked fish. Add separately friend potatoes. Add boiled water so that everything is immersed fully. Let is boil.

Sprinkle the garam masala powder on top.

Ready to eat with steamed white rice

Encounters with Customer Service

For the last 5 days, I have been struggling with my interactions with the customer service for an online retailer company. I believe I am free and wiser at the end on this trial.

Observation: They play the same music every time the customer is on hold.

My mistake: I thought as a customer I had some entitlement. I had run into a genuine situation and I called customer service to help. But my subconscious intention was to teach them that their user interface was responsible for this problem I was in. If you had a spare minute, please read on. If not please feel free to skip this paragraph. I was trying to check recent order status. I had ordered a couple things for my friend and did not hear back from her after the estimated delivery date. I wanted to check the order status. But as luck would have it, I may have entered an old password by mistake. You can already conclude that I have not been using this online retailer very frequently in the recent past. I was sent an OTP to my email. I will need to back up a little at this point. I was putting in my order in a hurry but I was attentive enough to notice that the user interface did not ask for my credit card information. The order was already placed. I went in and checked the billing info and saw that it was using an old credit card that I had cancelled ( wink wink..the card was cut up and thrown and I do not want to remember anything about it). There was an option to add a credit card. I made use of it and added the correct one and fixed the billing info for the order. However, I did not find an easy button to delete the old card. I tried for a minute or two and gave up ( too easily). I forgot about it too till the moment I entered my OTP and say the next page asking me to enter the expiration date of the cancelled card. MY GOODNESS how will I remember it. I made a wrong guess and I was brought to the screen to enter another OTP….OMG! I called customer service, I angry, trying to explain my story. I got into an unfortunate situation when several tries got my account locked. Customer service could not help me anymore and hung up. The next day, I tried to delete my account still with the same attitude. The Customer Service put me through a security check procedure, I was asked about my last three orders. I only had 2 orders in the last 6 months. I had ordered 2 things in one order. In my judgement, I thought they were separate. So that was the information, I provided. Needless to say, I failed the security procedure and customer service refused to help me any further. I was furious but I realized my way was totally ineffective.

My realization: I am entitled to nothing. Just be sweet and kind and get your work done. Correcting others is not your job. This way worked and after couple of customer service calls, I was able to delete my account completely.

Information Sharing for others’ benefit. Hope this helps someone :D.