Encounters with Customer Service

For the last 5 days, I have been struggling with my interactions with the customer service for an online retailer company. I believe I am free and wiser at the end on this trial.

Observation: They play the same music every time the customer is on hold.

My mistake: I thought as a customer I had some entitlement. I had run into a genuine situation and I called customer service to help. But my subconscious intention was to teach them that their user interface was responsible for this problem I was in. If you had a spare minute, please read on. If not please feel free to skip this paragraph. I was trying to check recent order status. I had ordered a couple things for my friend and did not hear back from her after the estimated delivery date. I wanted to check the order status. But as luck would have it, I may have entered an old password by mistake. You can already conclude that I have not been using this online retailer very frequently in the recent past. I was sent an OTP to my email. I will need to back up a little at this point. I was putting in my order in a hurry but I was attentive enough to notice that the user interface did not ask for my credit card information. The order was already placed. I went in and checked the billing info and saw that it was using an old credit card that I had cancelled ( wink wink..the card was cut up and thrown and I do not want to remember anything about it). There was an option to add a credit card. I made use of it and added the correct one and fixed the billing info for the order. However, I did not find an easy button to delete the old card. I tried for a minute or two and gave up ( too easily). I forgot about it too till the moment I entered my OTP and say the next page asking me to enter the expiration date of the cancelled card. MY GOODNESS how will I remember it. I made a wrong guess and I was brought to the screen to enter another OTP….OMG! I called customer service, I angry, trying to explain my story. I got into an unfortunate situation when several tries got my account locked. Customer service could not help me anymore and hung up. The next day, I tried to delete my account still with the same attitude. The Customer Service put me through a security check procedure, I was asked about my last three orders. I only had 2 orders in the last 6 months. I had ordered 2 things in one order. In my judgement, I thought they were separate. So that was the information, I provided. Needless to say, I failed the security procedure and customer service refused to help me any further. I was furious but I realized my way was totally ineffective.

My realization: I am entitled to nothing. Just be sweet and kind and get your work done. Correcting others is not your job. This way worked and after couple of customer service calls, I was able to delete my account completely.

Information Sharing for others’ benefit. Hope this helps someone :D.

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