Bengali Alur Tarkari- Spicy


Potatoes with skin – 10 potatoes boiled with salt – cut into cubes

Panch phoron + dry red chilli (2)

Mustard oil

3 inch ginger cut into pieces and 4 green chilies

Whole chana daal soaked overnight and boiled with salt – 1cup

Spice mix – turmeric , corriander, cumin, amchur, pink salt, red chili powder, garam masala

Kasuri methi crushed

1 tsp sugar

pink salt to taste

Method of cooking:

In a heated pan add mustard oil. Pour the paanch phoron and dry red chilies. Make a thin paste of ginger green chilies and chana daal. Add the paste to the oil. Add the cubes of boiled potatoes. Then add the spice mix and stir well. Add boiled water as needed to immerse the potatoes. Cook for 10 mins till the potatoes are soft around the edges and blends with the gravy. Add the crushed kasuri methi and add pink salt to taste.

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