Empty Containers

Anecdotes divulge many secrets

Hark and discern each detail

Phrases of varied implications

Twisting the course of a tale

Containers carry mind-images

Words are empty, thought’s real


Influencers shape one’s life —

Relatives, friends and strangers

Connections weak and strong

Tested thru’ nurturing n dangers

Vessels characterizing linkage

Relations are empty, bond’s real


Merging same or opposite gender

Lifeforms lust for physical union

Forced rape or impulsive rapture

Deep primitive jumbled sensation

Receptacle of unabated desires

Actions are empty, passion’s real


Varied views unique vantages

Voyagers journey to their goal

Conquering countless obstacles

Darkness dispelled guiding soul

Wrappers containing life-stories

Characters are empty, travel’s real

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