Story Review – Great Reminder!

Last night I decided to read a story to myself before going to bed. The story “Quench the Spark” (also translated as ” A Spark Neglected Burns the House“) was written by the Russian author Leo Tolstoy and first published in 1885.

I am at a loss of words and logic to praise this magical parable. I am overwhelmed with excitement as I see the correct puzzle pieces of human advancement and regression fit in the tapestry of time about 200 years ago.

Tolstoy relates the story of a householder, Ivan, who has three adult sons and an old father. The reader may easily conclude that Ivan is a middle aged man probably born during the industrial revolution. Furthermore, there is a clear reference to the old father and his neighbor having a close friendly relation in their able years, helping each other with daily needs as they came up. One day Ivan’s daughter-in-law got into a fight with the neighbor’s wife over an egg. The fight evolved into a continuing quarrel among the neighboring families, resulting in a huge financial loss for Ivan’s family.

Tolstoy cleverly designed the story to map the true benefits in material terms to get across an age-old message to the newer generation– the message of forgiveness. After reading the story, the reader has no doubt in their mind that forgiveness is a powerful tool that offers benefits to the very individual, harnessing the power. It is neither a weakness nor is it a favor to the forgiven.

Here’s the link to the story :

Today’s gift

I have permission to love! This is my gift. I have recently heard someone say ” Deep down every human being wants to be loved.” I will have to disagree with this statement. My observation is quite the opposite and I am not ashamed to share it. “Deep down every human being wants to love.” This is it….

We create our own hurdles and confusion. We are treating it as money, locking our love in a safe, waiting for the right time to use it. But Love has the nature of true Knowledge. Sharing does not deplete it. On the contrary, sharing multiplies it manifold. I have decided to be rash about spending the love in my heart. I am not afraid of the consequences.

Back against the wall

When you are used to delving deep and getting to the root cause, for solving problems, it takes time. If you are used to doing each of your assigned work well, what do you do when you have too many things to address. I think the short answer is step back create a list and get the right guidance to prioritize the list items. Good luck!!