Story Review – Great Reminder!

Last night I decided to read a story to myself before going to bed. The story “Quench the Spark” (also translated as ” A Spark Neglected Burns the House“) was written by the Russian author Leo Tolstoy and first published in 1885.

I am at a loss of words and logic to praise this magical parable. I am overwhelmed with excitement as I see the correct puzzle pieces of human advancement and regression fit in the tapestry of time about 200 years ago.

Tolstoy relates the story of a householder, Ivan, who has three adult sons and an old father. The reader may easily conclude that Ivan is a middle aged man probably born during the industrial revolution. Furthermore, there is a clear reference to the old father and his neighbor having a close friendly relation in their able years, helping each other with daily needs as they came up. One day Ivan’s daughter-in-law got into a fight with the neighbor’s wife over an egg. The fight evolved into a continuing quarrel among the neighboring families, resulting in a huge financial loss for Ivan’s family.

Tolstoy cleverly designed the story to map the true benefits in material terms to get across an age-old message to the newer generation– the message of forgiveness. After reading the story, the reader has no doubt in their mind that forgiveness is a powerful tool that offers benefits to the very individual, harnessing the power. It is neither a weakness nor is it a favor to the forgiven.

Here’s the link to the story :

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