I am contemplating on helping myself. It would be best if I do not feel deprived and angry when someone steals from me. Many years ago when I was in elementary school in India, my friend had brought a fancy eraser. He showed it to all his friends. But at the end of the day he had “lost” it. One of his “friend” had conveniently put it in his own bag. My friend was very angry. I would be angry too. I had no respect for people who stole things that rightly belonged to another person. It was not about just the eraser but about morals and characters.

Recently, I thought about this some more. A baby born into this world does not come with a list of things that he/she is entitled to. This is very obvious but just wanted to clarify that there is no absolute authority that clearly identifies what each person rightfully possesses. So, as one becomes more aware they start claiming things around them till such time there is a conflict. Such a conflict is resolved by a person with higher authority like parents in case of a sibling fight. Without further elaboration I hope you see where this is going. Buying and selling, using a mutually agreed upon transaction system is merely a way to modify this collection of possessions. To summarize, everything that belongs to an individual, was either claimed (with or without conflict mediation) OR exchanged with another individual’s possessions. What is this act of claiming? How different is it from thievery? These are hard questions for me to answer.

Focusing on helping myself, I promise not feel frustrated when someone steals an object from my possessions. I definitely lose the opportunity to play with and enjoy it, moving forward but I still have the enjoyable memories of it from the past…and further more, who knows something better may be in store for me in the future.

2 thoughts on “Thievery

  1. Thank you for your thoughts. As I was reading it, a long forgotten memory resurfaced and I couldn’t hold back. So I penned it down and I am now able reprocess the hurt it caused and the experience may have been at the root of some of my pains and acquired behaviors. Thank you so much.

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