Chapter 2 – Sankha Yoga Notes

The Chapter 2 of Gita contains the summary of Lord Krishna’s message. Life is indeed a battle. We are constantly in a war zone. There are struggles and conflicts going on in our day to day life. We try various strategies to deal with it but they only scratch the surface of the problem and the struggle keeps morphing but is never eliminated. This is because the root cause is deep seated within us. Inside us there is another world war going on between the mind and consciousness.

Only true wisdom can bring an end to this warfare. With the five senses tempting the mind outward into the material world, the focus is scattered in various directions. Mind is a trickster and a bad master. Under the influence of the mind, an individual suffers. Sometimes what the mind sees and interprets is nothing but a delusion. There is but only one truth. No one can explain this truth, in its totality. It remains a wonder to the ones who listen to it and those who speak about it. Even after lengthy discussions no one can express it in words. Knowing a little speck of this truth is enough to dispel anxiety and fear. This way the mind remains centered in the midst of seemingly opposing forces of good and bad. The truth can be sought by looking inwards through the eye of consciousness. It can only be experienced. Hari Om tat Sat.


Life is a struggle to emerge from dependence into freedom. Would you agree ? What are some examples from the session?

It is a huge step to recognize when you are in misery, need help and ask for the same — The one who is able to help in the correct direction is the Guru. Arjuna in his grief surrenders to Lord Krishna as a disciple and asks for guidance. In this context, what are the degrees of ignorance that we typically see in people.

It is difficult to reason with an intellectual. They will find some logic to pose hurdles. It is even more difficult to understand emotions. Arjuna was overcome with grief as the prospect of fighting and killing his relatives and teachers.

When someone is emotional, poking the ego re-energizes him/her into action. Krishna reasons with Arjuna that if he does not fight, then people for many generations will speak of him in a disgraceful light. If he fights and loses, he will glorified as a hero. If he wins, he will have the whole kingdom and become a king. So he must fight and complete the duty of a Kshatriya ( soldier).

The wise does his duty with 100% dedication without thinking about results. The miser will be thinking about end results when doing his action. Each of us should think of improving ourselves and not compare our action with others.

As far as killing, the true living Being who permeates in all creatures cannot be cut by a weapon, touched by fire, moistened by water or dried by fire. Birth and death are happening in cycles and should not be mourned.

One goes through several lives, changing their body as we change our clothes from our wardrobe.

This divine knowledge surprises those who hear about it and even after many discussions no one fully knows it. A little speck of this knowledge is enough to dispel fear and anxiety in the human mind.

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