Day 6 Meditation- Exploring Bhakti

Let us imagine that we can convince our mind to let go the input coming through our five senses.(1) The body is sheathed in a touch sensitive skin. When the skin is in contact with another object, we may feel the warmth, the coldness, the smoothness, the sharp edges. It creates the feeling of liking or disliking. (2)The eyes are tuned to the information of color. When we have our eyes open we are bombarded with signals about color texture form and these create in our mind the feeling of beauty, love or the opposite. (3)Our nostrils are breathing in fragrance. Pleasing fragrance of flowers, delicious smell of food or strong offensive smell ultimately create feelings of attraction or aversion. (4)The connection with food is enhanced with the sensation it creates when the tongue is in contact with these chemicals. The gamut of sensations ranging from mouth watering, bland, soft or chewy are getting translated to either attraction to the particular dish or aversion there from. The tongue is also an organ of communication and reaches out to the outside with word intonations to express what the individual feels. What he feels is various forms of “love” like devotion, respect, trust, doubt, hatred, greed, jealously, pity, sympathy, empathy and you can add to this list generously. (5) Last but not the least we focus on the receiver, who hears the words. It is arguable that the communication channel through sound vibrations may not capture the full depth of the emotion of the communicator (sender). Neither can the receiver, reflect back exactly what ripples those words created in the fluidity of his mind.

If we got rid of all these complexities and detached from the five senses, our inner world is simple either we are in a sensation of love or some variation of it. Unfortunately, we cannot measure this state. How much love, how much hatred, how much greed is always going to be obfuscated by the means of measurement. The result of measurement is no good as it is not the truth.

Imagine we are in the depth of an experience where we are not focusing, not acknowledging or even measuring by the 5 senses. We are vibrating in love and in a realm that is not bounded by space or time. We feel one with the vastness that encompasses ALL. We melted into One — not red, yellow, brown, black or white but One ( that is infinite and inexplicable).

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