Day 9: Exploring Bhakti

Imagine if we can offer our past present future to the Divine with the gesture of Anjali (respectful surrender) . At this point we are free now. We are innocent, intelligent, joyful and full of self-esteem.

Self- esteem exists in the state of union. Pride and vanity needs duality or plurality. Wanting to show off to others are at the root of pride and vanity. When love is present pride and vanity vanishes. Focused devotion to the master or beloved is the best kind of love. A true devotee has no pride other than the pride of the beloved. All the actions of the devotee is surrendered to the Divine. Such devotees are excited to talk about their beloved. Tears roll from their eyes when they speak of the beloved. Purity exudes from them naturally.They are like a beacon of light that guides the masses. In this rare situation the devotee is one with the Beloved just like Radha and Krishna. Such divine love for the Unseen is easy and difficult at the same time. It can happen in a moment or it can take several lifetimes.

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