Day 10: Exploring Bhakti

The devotees are not seekers. They have figured out the hide and seek game. The songs composed by such devotees like Kabir (Moko kahan dhoonde re bande), Meera (Paayo ji maine Ram-ratan dhan), Nazrul (Antare tumi achho chorodin) , Rabindranath ( Amar Hiyar majhe lukiye chhile) and others are testimony to this. The devotees are aware of the presence and their union with the beloved.

Sri Sri Ravi Shankar ji gives a lovely analogy for this . Like the fish knows it is in the in water and that it cannot live without the water— devotees know that they cannot let go of the divine love. They cannot survive even a moment without loving God. They also have a unwavering conviction that God loves them. They never question the love of God. As a result, they are radiating love that is felt by others as well.

The Siddha are completely absorbed in the bhakti. When one is soaked in devotion, the ancestors rejoice, the angels are celebrating and Earth finds a lord. The people and animals and all life form feel comfortable with the Siddha. All the species and even every atom of material — everything resonates with the same vibration.

Saint Narada says anyone can be a devotee. All devotee are on the same footing. Their occupation, cast race or religion, their appearance or form, their qualifications etc do not matter to the Master. They are inseparable from the Master, through the faith of their devotion. God loves them dearly. No logic can prove this. Logic leads to endless arguments and no definite conclusion.

The devotees are not qualified by knowledge. “I do not know” that is knowledge in itself. Likewise, the devotees understand the rules of devotion. The songs of saints and other devotees are knowledge to them. The devotees contemplate on the stories of devotion to the Beloved. They continue their worldly duties alongside their devotion.

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