I have joined today to listen as words often fall short to describe the deepest gratitudes.

Even though we are familiar with the mortality of human lives, no one is ever prepared for such a loss as this. Because the mere presence of such a wonderful person as Biju Jethu fills our lives with joy and belonging. His absence leaves a void that can only be filled with loving memories.

In 1995 I went to Bombay to join my first job after graduating as an engineer. Bombay was a new city and I only knew a couple families there. Biju Jethu, my father’s cousin brother, showered his genuine love and made me feel a part of his family. To a lonely cautious young woman working in Bombay that was all I could ask for. This is a precious gift that I will forever hold in my heart. No expensive gifts or praises can even compare to what I got from Biju Jethu’s family. Jethu achieved a lot in his career as an engineer but he remained a down to earth loving human being.

My sincere prayers and wishes go out to his family. May the loving spirit be forever happy in His heavenly abode.